Interactive Web Experience

Every business today depends on the web for efficient results. Providing an interactive web experience enables a customer to not just browse through the site, but also communicate with the interface. It could be an advertisement, a movie, or just a simple website.

Let’s consider Netflix’s ‘Bandersnatch’ as an analogy. In this interactive movie, the viewer decides the course of the movie. It requires the viewer to quickly take decisions on behalf of the character, hence altering the course of the story line. An interactive web experience may take the viewer down a memory lane or make them relate to a similar situation which fulfills the agenda of an interactive web experience.

Having already worked on similar projects in the past (on both, Android and iOS), we at HaloNexus aspire to provide our clients and their customer base with a unique web experience which makes them interact with the cause through an emotional and cognitive point of view.

About Us

HaloNexus is a group of talented and experienced coders, designers, and marketeers. The perfect combination of marketing and technology is what HaloNexus stands for. A company committed to help businesses grow globally with the best technology and the most efficient marketing strategies. We don’t just want to sell our idea, we want to help you grow and grow with you.

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Why Us?

HaloNexus is a group of young and experienced software engineers and coders at your disposal working with the latest technology to deliver results. We used advanced and up-to-date technology to help you on your way to success. Our main goal is to acquire our clients with the best solutions within an ideal time span. We are a hardcore technology driven firm and with that being said, in this constantly evolving industry, we believe in providing creative solutions with the best possible methods.

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Our Clients


"I have engaged HaloNexus in a variety of design, software development and other
consulting projects and they keep delivering results time and again"

- Ramjee Iyer
Chairman & CEO - Emperos

"We worked with HaloNexus on solution to automate candidate applications, shortlisting
and QR based attendance for a job fair conducted by Axis bank. We were immensely impressed with
the software solution and the dedicated support that the team from HaloNexus provided".

- Nidhi Arora
Deputy Vice President - Axis Bank

"We developed our internal insurance portal with them and their expertise in technology coupled
with their strong grasp of of insurance underwrting and selling process was immensly
important in the success of the project"

- Dev Chomal
Vice President - Indianivesh Ltd.

"We have engaged HaloNexus in our web application and are currently developing
our ERP system wih them are we are happy with their service and quality work and output.
Timely delivery is also one of their key aspect"

- Pathik Shah
Owner - Dh Shirts